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  • “I believe if you start with one woman, you can impact an entire community and city.
    It is how you change the world.”

    – Layna Haley, Founder

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About us

Kaleo (ka-leh-oh): to invite

Kaleo exists to build a loving, supportive community for single mothers to help them flourish. We provide practical life skills through classes and groups to help women CONNECT. HEAL. GROW.

Single Mom Resource Course

Single Moms Unite! This 8-week course will help you find more time for the things & people you love. Create new habits, meet new friends.

Single Mom Support Group

Are you a single mom in the YEG area? Ever feel like you could use a group of fun, supportive women in your life who know exactly what you are going through?

Psychological Services

Kaleo Collective offers programs and groups to support women and their children with mental health. We help you get the support that is right for you. Get your Kaleo Connect Card to be connected with Grief Recovery and Therapeutic Services run in partnership with local psychologists.

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Kaleo Collective
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Amazing group! So grateful for KALEO & its founder Layna Haley. Thank you soo much Layna & Lennea for all that you do for single mothers. 🙂
Response from the owner: Oh I had so much fun with your little sweetie! You are going to love your gift! Xo Layna
This was such a beautiful experience for single moms to come together ❤️
Response from the owner: Well we think that you are a beautiful mama 🫶🏻 So glad you felt the love.
Such a wonderful organization! Absolutely love the events!
Response from the owner: Thank you Christina! We are so glad you and your family can make it to the events we hold. It is special for us to get to celebrate you 💕
Was so wonderful to feel special!
Response from the owner: You ARE so special ✨ Thank you for letting us remind you 🫶🏻
What a truly magical experience, thank you kaleo! You made my 4 kids sooo happy!!!
Response from the owner: Thank you Elaine. Having that beautiful family of yours is a joy for us. 🙌🏼💗 Sending you all much love this holiday season. Hope to see you again soon! Xo Layna & the Kaleo Team
Wonderful experience at the love you mama event !!! Wonderfully and thoughtfully put together ! I felt very loved as a single mom of 2 girls
Response from the owner: You have the most important job Taylor. Keep raising those beautiful babies and we will be here to keep celebrating you and cheering you on 👏🤩
Response from the owner: Thank you Christina 🫶🏻We hope you felt very loved and cherished on Mothers Day 🥰
Amazing event organized for families. Grateful for a beautiful experience. My kiddos are so excited to shop for their mama this year and surprise her for Mothers Day
Response from the owner: We hope they got you something nice 😊 You deserve every bit of celebrating and love you experienced. Thank you for letting us be a part 💕🫶🏻
The people who volunteered their time to set up this event was so friendly and made me feel special on this special day.
Response from the owner: Thank you Ashley! We think we have the greatest volunteers around…and we are of course biased, but we work for the greatest single moms around so it all fits 😉Hope you had a beautiful Mother’s Day. 🥰
Beautiful elligent memory me and my daughter will be able to cherish forever ❤️
Response from the owner: Oh Jessica thank you. 🥺 There is no higher compliment for the Kaleo Team to know we got to be a part of a cherished memory. We love to love you 🫶🏻
The help they give us and our families is just amazing. I feel so confident being apart of their community and opportunities they give us. Thank you.
Response from the owner: Oh thank you so much Leigh for sharing your experience. It makes our hearts so happy to know Kaleo is helping you and your family. 💕 xox Layna and the whole KaleoTeam.
Thank you so much, for the opportunity. My family and I were super grateful!!!
Response from the owner: Karli we are so glad you found us! And that you enjoyed the Love You Mama event. Can’t wait to have you in our groups! Happy Mothers Day. Xo Layna
Response from the owner: Thank you for your review Jenna! We hope you throughly enjoyed your time with us and felt so loved and spoiled by your family. 🫶🏻
Response from the owner: Thank you for your 5 ⭐️ review Wyomma! Hope you got something beautiful for Mother’s Day and you felt so loved 🥰
Thank you to all who make this happen
Response from the owner: Annette it is our privilege and honour to get to love you mamas. Thank you for acknowledging all the work that went into the day. Hope you had a memorable and beautiful Mother’s Day love. 💕
So sweet and the volunteers were so helpful and nice
Response from the owner: They are the best volunteers aren’t they! Thank you TJ we appreciate the love. We sure hope you felt all the love we have for you and your family 🫶🏻💕 This day and every day.
Response from the owner: Thank you for your 5 ⭐️ review love! We hope you had a beautiful and memorable Mother’s Day 💐
Great service, friendly people! Very supportive.
Response from the owner: Thank you Courtney! We are so glad you experienced all those things at our event. We would love to have you and your family join us in the new year too! Warmly Layna & the Kaleo Team
A very special resource for a very special group of moms 💗
Response from the owner: Thank you Taylor. It’s a mutual affection 🎁
Response from the owner: Thank you Angel for your review. We hope you felt loved beyond measure 🫶🏻💐💕
Super amazing events!
Response from the owner: Thank you LC! We sure appreciate that. We pour our hearts and souls into them - because we know you pour your heart and soul into being a mama and that’s the most important job in the world. 💕🙌🏼
Response from the owner: Thank you Mary for your review. We are glad it was a 5 ⭐️ experience for you. We think you are 5+ ⭐️✨💕
They put on a great event 😍
Response from the owner: Thank you Jennifer! We sure try 😉We hope you had a great time and felt loved and celebrated 🥳
Awesome event thank you
Response from the owner: Our pleasure Julie. Thank you for making time to join us. We think you are amazing 🫶🏻💕
1st time to the event. It's amazing. We will be back again
Response from the owner: Yeah!!!!! 🎉🙌🏼 That’s what we love to hear. Please come back over and over again. We have events for single moms and their kids all year long and having you would be a blessing for us. 🫶🏻💕


“Kaleo’s Single Moms Resource Course is a blessing to everyone involved. My expectations were blown out of the water and I found it was helpful in so many ways!

  • Erin A.

“This program tops them all!”

  • Zeenat B.

“I feel my life has become easier due to the knowledge I gained in each class.  I left the course feeling like a load was taken off my shoulders. Being there weekly started to feel like a wonderful new way of life.”

  • Candace L.

Our Impact

Our Single Mom Resource Courses help create positive changes that impact your life and your children’s lives. Many discover a new sense of confidence, build friendships and gain the knowledge needed to take control. 
Here is what our moms had to say:

  • Demonstrated increase in self esteem 96% 96%
  • Learned how to access community services they didn’t know existed 78% 78%
  • Had increased confidence in managing their personal finances 69% 69%