Supporting Single Moms

Helping Single Moms Thrive. Together.

“I believe if you start with one woman, you can impact an entire community and city. It is how you change the world.”

– Layna Haley, Founder

About us

Kaleo exists to build a loving, supportive community for single mothers to help them flourish. We provide practical life skills through classes and groups to help you find your courage, build community and discover new possibilities.
Find (y)our family.

Single Mom Resource Course

Single Moms Unite! This 8-week course will help you find more time for the things & people you love. Create new habits, meet new friends.

Single Mom Support Group

Are you a single mom in the YEG area?
Ever feel like you could use a group of supportive women in your life who know exactly what you are going through, and who are also a lot a fun?


Some gifts last a lifetime.
Donate the life changing gift of supporting a single mother as she takes the difficult steps in fighting for her future and the future of her children.


“Kaleo’s Single Moms Resource Course is a blessing to everyone involved. My expectations were blown out of the water and I found it was helpful in so many ways!

  • Erin A.

“This program tops them all!”

  • Zeenat B.

“I feel my life has become easier due to the knowledge I gained in each class.  I left the course feeling like a load was taken off my shoulders. Being there weekly started to feel like a wonderful new way of life.”

  • Candace L.

Our Impact

Our Single Mom Resource Courses help create positive changes that impact your life and your children’s lives. Many discover a new sense of confidence, build friendships and gain the knowledge needed to take control. 
Here is what our moms had to say:

  • Demonstrated increase in self esteem 100% 100%
  • Learned how to access community services they didn’t know existed 83% 83%
  • Had increased confidence in managing their personal finances 67% 67%

Our Latest News

No Spend October

No Spend October

Back to school shopping can really take a toll on your finances.  Then you add the cost of children’s activities in September and it can feel like you are going backwards fast.  October can be a month that helps get you back on track.  No Spend...