About Us

Being a mom is a huge responsibility, particularly if you are on your own.
We know because we have been there. We remember feeling overwhelmed, frightened, and sometimes very lonely. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be that way.

The Kaleo Collective is a safe supportive community for single mothers who are determined to build a secure foundation for their lives and, in turn, a positive future for their children.

Through Kaleo’s Single Mom Resource Course
We teach practical skills to create healthy habits, break unhealthy cycles and open doors to personal and career development opportunities.

Twice a week Single Mom Support Group
Empowers single mothers to develop solid friendships, build self-confidence and stop shame-induced isolation in its tracks. The beautiful testimonials speak for themselves.

Kaleo Collective is a registered charity, founded by President Layna Haley and funded by grants, private donors and event sponsors.

Our Vision

Single mom and their children thriving in the community.

We want each woman to be in good health; body, spirit and mind. 

We want to empower single mothers to build a family that is the source of growth and security for her children. 

We want to create sustainable families.  

We want to break cycles of poverty. 

We want to provide practical tools and strategies.

We want women to be able to achieve career goals and work at a job that is fulfilling and can support her family. 

Inclusivity Statement

Kaleo Collective believes in changing the future by supporting all single mothers and their children. We welcome all women regardless of age, colour, creed, religion or orientation into our inclusive environment of mutual respect. Our staff and Board of Governors are guided by Christian values and built on the foundation of loving others as we love ourselves. At Kaleo, our doors are always open to provide a safe space where every mom can belong and flourish.

We are committed to equity of access and opportunity for all our clients, staff, and volunteers in keeping with the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Alberta Human Rights Act. Kaleo Collective accepts all single mothers who want to be a part of our community, and we are deeply committed to serving them and their children.

Mission Statement

To create a community of empowered single moms building wholehearted families. Breaking cycles of financial and emotional poverty through support programs.

Founder Message

When I was 16 I found myself in a situation where I needed to make the hardest choice I could imagine: abortion, adoption or parenting.  Each carried lasting consequences.  In the end, without knowing much about how I would do it, I chose to parent.

As a single mom for eight years, I lived through the unique challenges faced by single moms everywhere.  Loneliness, exhaustion, mom-guilt, financial strain, childcare woes, and the need to fill the roles of both mom and dad day-in and day-out.

A thread that binds every mom together is the desire to provide the best life for her child. Some mothers are up against greater challenges; locating affordable housing, mounting legal bills, and finding work that can sustain the financial obligations of her whole family.  For many single moms, life is a seemingly endless cycle of poverty and fatigue.

That is why I started Kaleo Collective.

Supporting a single mom on her mission to create a safe, stable home life, and the opportunity to realize HER full potential, allows her to help her CHILDREN realize theirs. We come along side and offer community, compassion, encouragement and practical help, though our Connected Communities Support Programs.

The Kaleo Collective family is made up of volunteers who donate their time, corporations and individuals who donate finances, and churches who actively pray for the requests of those who wish to share them.

Each of them believes in you.

I believe in you. 

We are here to help. Welcome to the family.

Xo Layna

Single Mom Resource Course

Single Moms Unite! This 8-week course will help you find more time for the things & people you love. Create new habits, meet new friends.

Single Mom Support Group

Are you a single mom in the YEG area?
Ever feel like you could use a group of supportive women in your life who know exactly what you are going through, and who are also a lot a fun?


Some gifts last a lifetime.
Donate the life changing gift of supporting a single mother as she takes the difficult steps in fighting for her future and the future of her children.

How can you help us?

We are changing generations.  Be a part of the family that reaches out and says “I believe in you”

Our Team



Sandra Manturzyk

Administrative Assistant

Zeenat Mohamed

Board Member

Jeff Haley

Board Member

Sarah Cresswell

Board Member

James H. Brown

Advisory Committee Member

Become a Volunteer 

You can be the difference. 

Our Latest News

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