Single Mom Resource Course

Overworked and exhausted? Feel like you’re the one holding everything together for your family? The 5-week Single Mom Resource Course is designed to help give you practical tips, tools and strategies to reduce exhaustion.

We’ll dive into the top areas of stress for any single mom in a fun and interactive way. You’ll leave with actual tools you can start using that day, including a customized budget, a meal plan, ways to create memories with your children and more! Plus, you’ll make real connections along the way with other single moms.

Program Dates

Every Tuesday Sep 27 - Oct 25

8:30pm – 9:30pm



This $250 course is offered at a discounted rate for single moms.

Access Pass Price: $25

Space is limited.

Course Description

Our most popular course is here to help you turn chaos into calm!

Kaleo Collective Founder & Executive Director Layna Haley will take you through five weeks of fun, hands-on learning.

You will regain control of your life and make positive, lasting changes – for you and your children. Empower yourself and learn new ways to solo parent in a safe, supportive environment with other single moms.

You will create the tools that will make your life easier – a customized budget, your family’s meal plan, a list of community resources available to you and more! Leave with the missing pieces and the confidence to start building your new life.

Unlock new ways to approach:

Time Management

Meal planning



The Healthy Habits Formula

Networking & Maximizing Community Resources

Small changes can have large impacts. If you:

Have a growth mindset

Are ready to get some systems in place

Are looking to grow your friendship circle

This is the right course for you.

Join the Kaleo Collective family; a supportive community of single mothers backed by people who believe in you.

Being a single mom is hard. We’re here to help.