Expression of Interest

Kaleo Collective is a registered charity that helps single mothers build strong, sustainable families. Through our programming, courses and community, women discover a new sense of confidence, build friendships and gain the knowledge needed to take control. Since 2016, we have been empowering single moms to drive positive change. When we believe in women and their potential, we create a ripple effect that raises up families, communities and entire countries.  

Our Purpose

Is to help single moms better their lives and, in turn, their children’s lives.

Our Mission

Is to build a community of empowered single moms by breaking the cycles of financial and emotional poverty through support and programming

Our Vision

Is to create healthy, sustainable families.

Kaleo Collective welcomes all single mothers who want to be a part of our community, and we are deeply committed to serving them and their children. In just a few years, we have grown to help more than 1,200 women and kids change their lives for the better. We provide a safe, supportive environment that teaches practical life skills to create positive habits, break unhealthy cycles and open doors to personal and career development opportunities.

Our current team consists of a volunteer Board of Directors (Chair, Secretary and Treasurer) and a small group of volunteers who support us through advisory committees and fundraising events.

As our charity is growing, we are seeking to fill 2 vacant positions and to add 2 new Board Members. These are all volunteer roles that will have a direct and lasting impact on the success of Kaleo Collective’s charitable mission.

Open Positions

Board of Directors, Voting Members

2 Positions

These two positions are essential to Kaleo’s decision-making process and future success. We are seeking individuals with varied backgrounds and experience to contribute to our mission and perspective.

Treasurer, voting member

1 Position

This role supports Kaleo through general finance expertise and has an additional time commitment of 1-2 hours monthly for accounting assistance and bookkeeping.

Secretary, voting member

1 Position

This role supports Kaleo through business leadership and prepares quarterly meeting agendas, takes notes and distributes to Board Members.

All Board Members are required to attend quarterly meetings.

We encourage everyone who is interested to apply – and welcome applicants with varied skillsets and a genuine passion for helping others! Kaleo is seeking members with experience in but not limited to the following:


Previous Board experience and/or group/team leadership


Business management


Event planning, marketing and/or social media management


Fundraising, fund development and donor relations


Previous volunteer experience


Experience working with single moms and/or families in need is an asset but not required.


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