The Kaleo Society – 100 Women

Join a group of powerful women coming together for powerful change.

The Kaleo Society is a new, direct way to empower single mothers and their children. The idea is simple: if 100 women make a single yearly donation of $1,000, those dollars can more directly and efficiently help one of the most overlooked groups in our community – single mothers. We are hoping to be able to eliminate costly fundraising activities like galas.

The average cost of our programs and supports for one year is approximately $1,000. For those women and their children, thatyear can be life changing.

They’re able to access:

Psychological services
Respite care & time to work on her future
Grief recovery support
Connection to community and resources
Transferable skill development

Every member will get this custom Kaleo pin created by local artisan, Sonja Deklerk. The soft, feminine lines form a heart representing the tender bond between a mother and child. The negative space intentionally creates a heart within a heart, symbolic of a new group that supports Kaleo Collective: The Kaleo Society’s 100 Women.

Become part of this collective who chooses to make a difference for other women. Together we can do more as The Kaleo Society.

If you want to be the change, change one woman’s world.

Join The Kaleo Society starting HERE

All monies donated through this link has the opportunity to be matched up to 50% by Shaw Birdies for Kids.

Shaw Birdies for Kids presented by AltaLink.