Our Stories


I’ve been blessed to have been part of this class. It’s teaching me how to get my life back in order and teaching me skills I’ve never had. The skills I’m learning and introducing into my children and my lives is already helping. Thank you for everything you have done for my children and I.

Michelle K.

Look Single Mom of 2

A wonderful group that helps to connect, support, and provide valuable information to single moms on their journey. Connection is so important and this groups helps us feel like we are not alone and that there is hope. The information and resources provided helps us in very practical ways. A great program!

Kristen B.

Single Mom of 2

Kaleo has changed my life, I first discovered them when I seen an anxiety workshop posted to Facebook. I brought my teen daughter and we fell in love instantly with Layna. She took the time after to personally speak with us about what our family was struggling with. I am currently taking the single mamas class and it has changed my life with the info that I’m learning, like alloying time for everything in my day as to not get overwhelmed with life. Thank you so much for impacting my family!

Edna T.

Single Mom of 2

My personal experience with the Kaleo Single Moms Resource Course has been so inviting and warm. Layna is one of the most caring and thoughtful individuals I’ve encountered in my life, she never fails to make you feel loved and valued. The class itself is seriously made for us single mama’s and you can feel it when you walk in the door, everyone is so willing to help or support you in any way possible even if it’s something as simple as holding your baby while you take some notes during the class. Each class is well thought out and created to benefit you as much as possible, from meal prepping and planning to financial budgeting tips and my personal favourite, self care/self love. I know how hard it can be as a single mama but this course definitely helped me out and my kids loved playing every Tuesday night with all the other kiddos. Kaleo is my home away from home.

Shayla B.

Single Mom of 2

The single mom program is awesome because it addresses the everyday challenges we have as single moms and I love that it is full of realistic and practical strategies to help us in our daily lives. I have taken many programs and tapped into many community resources, but this program is unique and different and tops them all!

Zeenat M.

Single Mom of 3

At Kaleo I loved feeling like others understood my frustrations and exhaustion.  Sharing and hearing other’s stories made me feel gratitude and empathy at the same time.  Was a nice break to have my son play at the same time I could visit with other adults and have adult conversation.  It rejuvenated me.  Gave me a sense of security and love.

Dixie N.

Single Mom of 1

Whether you’re a seasoned single mom who’s got everything figured out, or newly single mother trying to figure out how to make it all work,  Kaleo’s Single Mom Resource group has something for you. I was part of the pilot program, and I feel my life has become easier due to the knowledge I gained in each class including but not limited to time blocking, meal planning, getting the most from your budget, basic parenting advice and tips on making memories.

We also learned a lot from experienced guest speakers: one speaker is a life coach who taught us about self love, and dealing with high conflict situations; another speaker is a mom who went through a high conflict divorce, she taught us how to handle things with little money and all sorts of tricks on parenting with no help from family, etc. 

I’m very big on learning and growing in terms of personal development and feel this program has more to offer us single moms than we realize.

Candace L.

Single Mom of 2