Course Overview

Single Mom Resource Course

“I had no idea what to expect when I signed up for the Single Moms Resource program, only that I wanted to connect with other single mamas. I’m blown away with the resources that were made available, the lessons I learned, the skills I attained, the connections I made, and for truly being seen as supported as a Single Mom.”

– Jessika

Single Mom Resource Course

The Single Mom Resource Course will teach you practical tips, tools and strategies to reduce the exhaustion and stress of being a single parent.

Week 1 - Journaling for Self-care

Learn the value of regularly reflecting on your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to improve your emotional wellness.

Week 2 - Healthy Habits

Create new routines and drop the ones that are holding you back!

Week 3 - Time Management

Take hold of your time and discover the tips and secrets to making the most of a day while balancing family life.

Week 4 - Meal Planning

Learn great recipes and get the tools you need to make mealtime a breeze.

Week 5 - Budgeting Part 1

Get the basics of financial literacy and learn how to manage and balance your budget.

Week 6 - Budgeting Part 2

The next step in understanding your finances. Participants will leave with their own personalized budget plan.

Week 7 - Mind, Body, Stress Connection

Take an introspective look into how stress affects you, and how to better manage when life throws everything at you.

Week 8 - Creative Memory Making with Your Children

Take home new ways to truly connect and bond with your children!

Code Ninjas Kids’ Classes

Code Ninjas will take kids age 8-13 through a journey into hands-on fun and learning!

Week 1 - Samsung x Code Ninjas: Code Your Own Galaxy

Learn the basics of coding while exploring the vast expanse of space. Create your own virtual galaxy through a coding challenge and build your own VR headset to view your creation!

Week 2 - 3D Design & Print: Special Mother's Day Surprise!

This Mother’s Day we will celebrate by designing and 3D printing a special surprise for Mom! Learn the basics of 3D modeling and printing while crafting a heartfelt gift that she’ll cherish forever.

Week 3 - Minecraft Education: Code A Farm

In this workshop, children will learn how to use code to cultivate and automate your very own virtual farm. Harness the power of coding to bring your agricultural dreams to life in Minecraft!

Week 4 - MakeCode: Pixel Art Sprite Creation

Unleash your inner artist with MakeCode! Dive into the world of pixel art and create a sprite for your own games or digital projects. Learn the fundamentals of digital design as you craft a visually captivating pixel art creation.

Week 5 - LEGO Robotics: Build & Code Your Own Robot

Get ready to engineer and program a robot using LEGO robotics! Explore basic engineering principles while bringing your robotic creation to life!

Week 6 - Makey Makey: Create Your Own Remote Control

Learn how to transform ordinary objects into an interactive controller using conductive materials and basic coding. Get ready to invent and innovate in this hands-on workshop!

Week 7 - Micro:Bits: Game Dev Using Micro Computers

Step into the world of microcomputers with Micro:Bits! Code and customize your own interactive game while exploring the exciting possibilities of microcomputing!

Week 8 – Stopmotion Animation

Stop Motion Animation: Movie Making Lights, camera, action! Learn the fundamentals of storytelling and animation as you create your own cinematic masterpiece using stop motion techniques.