Single Mom Resource Course

Single Mom Resource Course

Single Mom Resource Course


Feeling overworked and exhausted being the one who holds everything together for your family? The Single Mom Resource Course is designed to help give you practical tips, tools, and strategies to reduce exhaustion. Take the chaos and turn it into calm during this 8-week course.

We dive into meal planning, budgeting, self-care, accessing community resources all while having fun and continuing to build your support system.

Helping you realize your potential as a woman, mother & leader.

*currently being delivered by Zoom*

Fall 2020. September 22 – November 10

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How It Works

Easy as 1-2-3
After you have enrolled in the program...

1) You will fill out a short introductory card for your sponsor (you can remain anonymous if you like) so they know a little bit about you.
2) Once we have an Adopt-A-Mom sponsor for you, you will receive some information on the amazing sponsor who believes in amazing you!
3) We will contact you to confirm your class dates & schedule

If you are unable to pay the fee, please contact Layna Haley